South Garden Fence Repair & Expansion Project

This project is for the South Garden to replace the plastic deer fencing that protects all of the plants grown there, as well as extend the fencing to include a new garden called the ‘Pinetum.’

You can play an important role by sponsoring a roll of fencing material!


This campaign started on 11/15/23, and as of 1/7/24, we have raised 0ver $7000!

Thank you for visiting our GoFundMe page to make your donation!


Here’s why we need your help…

The South Garden’s initial plastic fencing was installed in 2011. The lifespan for this type of material is 11-13 years, and it is now showing signs of wear and tear, with many holes chewed out by rabbits. By donating to this project, your contribution will help us purchase metal fencing that can not be chewed through by rabbits or other mammals. Metal fencing is also rated to last much longer than plastic fencing and will protect all the plantings in this area of the gardens for 25 years or longer.

The ‘Pinetum’ is the arboretum’s collection of conifers and is one of the newer gardens, which we began planting in 2016. Because it is currently outside of the fenced-in area of South Garden, it is not accessible to the visiting public. By donating to this project, you can help to change that!

To protect the South Garden and extend fencing to cover the Pinetum, we need a total of 1800 feet of deer fencing.

That means 18 rolls of deer fence. = $6300

Whenever possible, we use standing trees to attach the fence material, but there are some areas where there are no trees for us to do that. The original cedar posts that held up the fence in the South Garden are now decaying and are no longer strong enough to support the fence. As part of revitalizing and expanding the gardens, we will need 50 cedar posts to help support the fence. = $2000

In addition to the actual fencing material, hardware is used to secure the fencing to posts and trees. This includes ground stakes to secure the fence bottoms, wire screws, fence ties, and monofilament black cable to strengthen the top of the garden fencing. To secure 1800 feet of fencing, expendable are approximate. = $1200

Total Material Ask – $9500

As much as we wish that the fence could magically be put in by itself, we will be the ones doing the work, but we do need the help of a few of Hortus garden workers to dig some 3′ holes and put the fence up in a timely and efficient manner.

(2) Assistant gardener installers will dig post holes for posts in the Pinetum and assist us in hanging up the fencing. – $200/day x 9 days = $1800

Total Labor Ask – $1800

Project Total  – $11,300


To make a contribution visit our GoFundMe page, made a donation through Paypal, or send a check to:

Fencing Expansion Project

c/o Hortus Arboretum

76 Mill Road

Stone Ridge, NY 12484

Thank you!


Some Sponsor Choices

Sponsor 1 roll – $350

Sponsor a post – $40 

Sponsor 100 feet expendables – $75

Sponsor assistant gardener installer for the day – $100

Sponsor assistant gardener installer for a half day $50


First 10 rolls of fence!