Art in the Gardens – July 8th, 2023

Since 2021 the gardens have hosted an annual ‘Art in the Gardens’ event each year, where we feature the work of two to five artists.

This year we welcome HFA (Habitat for Artists).

Beginning in early June, the Habitat for Artists (HFA) collective will construct a small, temporary 6 x 6 foot studio at Hortus Arboretum to facilitate a series of community engagements.  The project will begin with Michael Asbill and Simon Draper milling several Eastern White Pines that were felled to expand the gardens.  Using the lumber, the HFA team will frame and partially clad the shed.  Summer dates will be announced for workshops and participatory projects by artists who are utilizing the H(ortus)FA studio, including: Janice La Motta, Emilie Houssart, Alexis Elton and Andrea Frank.  

This event takes place from 1:00 – 5:00pm.

(Raindate – July 9th, 2023)

Michael Asbill


In past years, we have displayed the outdoor sculpture works by local designer and sculptor Johnny Poux and the cast bronze sculptures of Karen Lovenguth. The sculptures are displayed in the arboretum throughout the growing season so visitors can view them throughout the year.

Karen Lovenguth – Bronze                   Johnny Poux- “Cog” Cast cement           


Sergey Jivetin invites audience members to bring seeds with individual significance to be hand-engraved with the interpretations of the respective stories. – Summer 2022


2021 Featured Artist – Karen Lovenguth